Student Corner

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      Kenzoku is a good school because everyone is friendly and helpful. I have been training for about two years now. I have gotten much better with my balance, coordination, respect, and dealing with bullies. I look forward to be able to go to class because there is a workout everyday and I like workouts, and I get to see my friends. I like Kenzoku because the whole school gets together and does things (like the outside dojo).

Liam, Age 9

     Kenzoku is a great school, it has really changed my life. I'm a better person in general, and don't fall down as much, it helped with my grace and personality. I remember when I first walked in the door, and I saw students doing 10-20 pushups I thought "I can't do that, I can't even do 1" and now I'm out there with them doing, sometimes as many as 50!

 Riley, Age 13

     Studying Kosho Ryu at Kenzoku has changed my life and the lives of my sons in a very postive, powerful way.  We have found that so many of the principles of martial arts, and of Kosho in particular, apply to daily life.  The lssons learned in the dojo influence our personal lives, relationships, academics, professional life, physical health, overall wellbeing, and so many other facets of living.  The supportive atmosphere at the school encourages all of us to test ourselves and push past our self-imposed limits and boundaries, and become not only better martial artists but better people.