The primary martial art studied at Kenzoku Martial Arts Center is Kosho Shorei Ryu Kempo.  Most of the other arts studied here are informed by our study of Kosho, but some arts function within their own context, and are studied separately for that reason.

Kosho Shorei Ryu Kempo is an ancient Japanese art with roots in China, and according to tradition, in India. The ultimate goal of the Kosho-Ka is to harmonize with the world around them and thus prevent, avoid or defuse conflicts before they descend to violence. To do this however, the student must develop a deep understanding of the ways and means of personal combat, allowing them to recognize attacks so that they may be countered before they can do any harm. Kosho students are trained within the framework of Kempo, to teach new students the foundational skills needed to understand Kosho concepts and techniques.  We study Kosho Shorei Ryu Kempo under the auspices of Hanshi Bruce Juchnick, 22nd generation Grandmaster of the art and his Sei Kosho Shorei Kai International organization.  We are pleased to welcome Hanshi to our dojo for seminars and other functions several times each year.

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